Healthcare can be better.

We help companies provide employees with affordable plans that control costs and offer reliable benefits. But at the end of the day, what we do is about ensuring that getting and staying healthy is an option for every employee and their family. 

It’s not about us, it’s about them.

You can go to any provider you choose, and the plan will pay a fair and reasonable amount for the services you received based on Medicare rates plus an additional small percentage. In addition, your monthly premiums are much lower because the payment of your claims will never raise above the Medicare fee schedule.

The Benefits

Healthcare can be simpler. It can be more cost-effective. And it can be better.


No restrictions on who to see or where to go.


See how money is being spent within the plan.


We look out for you and your employees in everything we do.


Plans that consistently save money and make your employees happy.

Why XO?

Traditional health plans entail too much inefficiency and waste, driving up costs for both employers and employees. At XO Health, we’re working to redefine employer-based healthcare in a way that unites businesses, employees, providers and hospitals in a manner that offers our clients more for their healthcare investment. 

Our unique approach begins with the following core goals in mind:


Employers and their employees want the best value, and they want to know that contributions and benefits will stay the same from year to year. We empower employers to offer this by working tirelessly to prevent expenses from creeping up.


Your company’s needs will change as you grow and thrive, and your employees’ needs will change as their families grow. We understand this and work with our clients to ensure their plans evolve to best meet their current goals.


Our plans are there to help when unexpected medical expenses arise. But they’re also there to help employees and their families never incur them in the first place, with an approach that reinvests plan savings into health and wellness programs – prevention is always the best cure.

The XO Strategy

Affordable and sustainable healthcare for everyone requires a new approach – sticking with what works well, and redefining what doesn’t. Our approach works, saving our clients 10-30% over traditional carriers.

We Use Reference Based Pricing (RBP)

XO Health is dedicated to helping companies redefine how they manage their healthcare plans, offering their employees better plans with lower costs.

A High Performance, Custom Network

XO Health is dedicated to helping companies redefine how they manage their healthcare plans, offering their employees better plans with lower costs.

An XO Plan Today Helps Keep the Doctor Away

We offer an innovative package of health and wellness tools to help individuals maintain and improve their health. Through wellness motivation, fitness and tracking we help increase overall health, passing an additional 5-10% savings along to our members and clients. And we reward doctors who keep their patients healthy!

A Fiduciary Approach

Traditional carriers are interested in bulk contracts and bulk services. What’s best can get overlooked for what’s fastest. We take a fiduciary approach, always working in our clients’ best interests. We write every check as though they were being paid out of our personal accounts.

Always Exceed Expectaitons

One of the reasons that traditional plans are more costly is because larger carriers can’t devote as much time and energy to their individual members, clients and providers. We’re able to perform better because we go to bat for our clients each and every day. When you “leave it all on the field,” it creates a better value for everyone involved.


Healthcare can be simpler. It can be more cost-effective. And it can be better.

Immediately! The moment you get a bill, send it to your Account or Care Manager so they can get it to XO. Once we receive your bill, we will either work with the provider to get processed.

XO plans utilize the PHCS Multiplan Network. However, if your provider is not part of this network, that’s okay! XO Health’s Flex Network allows you to still be seen by out-of-network providers. Just notify XO Health of your appointment date and provider details and we will work with your provider, directly to ensure you can be seen.  We will also continue working with the provider after your appointment to negotiate a RBP contract with them for future visits.

Providers tend to be very slow in responding to network onboarding requests, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still working with them! XO Health immediately updates you when a provider agrees to join our network. Feel free to reach out to us at any time for status updates.

XO Health’s RBP insurance plan reimburses providers at a rate of 140% of Medicare.

Sometimes providers are not interested in joining a RBP network, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still be seen by them. A majority of providers accept self-pay (non-insurance) patients. In these cases, XO Health contacts the provider and arranges payment based on those self-pay rates, which are typically very close to Medicare rates anyway.

XO Health’s plans reimburse providers at a rate of 140% of Medicare, whether or not the provider is in-network. If you see an out-of -network provider, you will be responsible for any charges that exceed the RBP amount of 140% of Medicare.

For in-network providers, you are only responsible for either the amount of your copay or deducible. For out-of-network providers, you are responsible for the amount of either your copay or deducible, plus any charges that exceed 140% of Medicare rates for the services you received.

If you pay out of pocket for health care services, just send your XO Health a copy of your receipt and something that shows the CPT codes that were billed for. XO Health will process your reimbursement through our TPA, who will apply your payment towards the plan and the reimbursement will be returned to you within 30-45 days.