We Believe Healthcare can be better.

Our Plans

Every aspect of our health plans have been designed around a simple idea – that healthcare can be better for both individuals and companies. We set out to rethinking the marketplace, taking the best of what worked well and redesigning what didn’t. That process has resulted in a system that helps control costs while providing exceptional care.

XO Health Plans

Less than 3% of the overall cost is covered for Wellness Benefit.

Average of 23.3% of the cost for prescriptions.

56.8% of the cost of the plan goes to the hospital and facility claims.

Less than 20% of the cost of the plan is for provider cost

XO Health Plans

Up to 30% of the cost of the plan can be used for Preventative/Wellness Benefit.

Prescription Cost is an average of 16.6%.

Hospital Claims average 39.8% Provider cost for sick visits remain consistent in the first year but reduce as the health of the population increases.