We Believe Healthcare can be better.

Our Plans

Every aspect of our health plans have been designed around a simple idea – that healthcare can be better for both individuals and companies. We set out to rethinking the marketplace, taking the best of what worked well and redesigning what didn’t. That process has resulted in a system that helps control costs while providing exceptional care.


  • Less than 3% of the overall cost is covered for Wellness Benefit.
  • Average of 23.3% of the cost for prescriptions.
  • 56.8% of the cost of the plan goes to the hospital and facility claims.
  • Less than 20% of the cost of the plan is for provider cost.
  • Up to 30% of the cost of the plan can be used for Preventative/Wellness Benefit.
  • Prescription Cost is an average of 16.6%.
  • Hospital Claims average 39.8% Provider cost for sick visits remain consistent in the first year but reduce as the health of the population increases.


  • Reference Based Pricing (RBP) Model

    XO plans pays at a rate of 140% of Medicare, instead of paying out at inflated provider charges, which typically range from 200-240% of Medicare.

  • Flex Network

    XO Health has created a way for you to see any provider you choose – whether they are listed as “in-network” or not.

  • Dedicated Concierge Member Service Team

    You have access to a concierge service team that is dedicated to handling your specific employer’s account personally.

  • 24/7 Customer Intake Line

    Our customer service intake line is available to you 24/7 every day of the year.

  • Balanced Bill Management

    Provider bills are handled by XO Health’s concierge negotiations team. We personally handle negotiations with the provider for resolution of the bill and work to come to an RBP agreement with them for future visits.

  • Legal Support

    Hospital bills will be referred to our legal to so they can negotiate with the provider on your behalf. Their services are 100% covered by your plan.